WS: Jed’s hungry shots

A lot of people will agree with me when I say that the most endearing and appealing subject for photography are children. This is especially true when the child that you take pictures of is your own. Like this little guy, instance.

DSC_0254 DSC_0256

As a hands on mom from birth, I have seen my son’s different expressions. But it was only yesterday that I found out that his face is most expressive when he eats (exactly like his father’s). It fascinates me how my husband eats. I would often tell him that he eats with his eyes. You would have to see for yourself to understand what I mean. Now, I will not be surprised if all eyes will be on my dear hubs during the next food event we go to. He is very forgiving, so I know he won’t take that against me.

DSC_0260 DSC_0261

My son eats exactly the way his papa does. It’s so fun to discover this after being with him all his life. You’d think he does not like what he eats in these shots. On the contrary, after he cleaned everything on his plate, he jumped to mine and finished everything that I was not meaning to eat anymore. I was full and I did not exactly like the garlic mushroom burger I had over at Chef d’ Angelo’s yesterday. This little guy has a big appetite. He literally eats more than I do.

DSC_0262 DSC_0263

WS: Jed’s hungry shots

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