Boracay Getaway 2009, Day 1

We left home at 3:45 A.M. last June 16. I was a little stressed over the fact that at 11PM the previous night, the little guy was still awake despite tucking him to bed earlier than usual. Maybe he was as excited as the hubby and I were. Jeff came home around midnight from a night out with our guys barkada from church. We decided that we both will not be sleep anymore, besides we were not done packing yet.

Our little guy was super sleepy as we dressed him to get ready to go. We planned to carry him to the car so he could sleep through while traveling, but he was up as soon as he knew where we were headed. It was sweet that we have a next day neighbor carbarn that we had a previous agreement with. Mang Ross took care of our transit from home to the airport and back again after three days.

jeff and me in NAIA3

Jed took this picture. We were killing time as we arrived the airport, done with checking in our baggage (just one for us three-traveled light). We tried going online via our portable broadband but it was no use. The connection is super slow, nothing like the Qwest high speed Internet connection I have read of. NAIA 3 is huge and nice, though. Our overall experience with Cebu Pacific was excellent. We arrived Caticlan 20 minutes ahead of schedule and landed on Manila soil half an hour earlier later that week. I hope they would press on and continue to provide their passengers consistent quality of service.

caticlan boat ride

This is our first boat ride from Caticlan, after having transferred from a tricycle ride to another port. It was our little guy’s first boat ride.

white beach boracay

We happily treaded the shores of Boracay before 9AM and this is my first shot of the white beach shore. The weather was perfect and I knew I was going to love it there. The sun was not scorching hot and the wind on our faces was glorious. Loved it!

fruits taj guesthouse

We did not have a hard time looking for our accommodation place, Taj Guesthouse. We were pretty pleased when we got there and look what the lovely owner, Joewana, left in our room to greet us with – a bunch of fruits with a thank you note for putting a blurb in this site of their place. Sweet!

taj guesthouse private balcony

The private balcony of our room in Taj Guesthouse. I love it. This is where we spent time with my boys having cereal and milk for breakfast for three days. The wooden rack on the far left is where we hang our wet stuff fresh from the beach. It’s neat that we do not need to bring in wet stuff inside the room. The place is elevated, that’s why the likelihood of experience flooding in this accommodation place is very remote. Unlike that of other places in Boracay we have heard of.

You can very well guess what I first did when we got settled – get connected to the internet via the portable Smartbro broadband that we have with us. The speed was worse than dial up to say the least. Definitely a no match to the Qwest connection a former officemate would rave about. With the Qwest phone service that they bundle their package with, I would have to say that we are really shortchanged by our local internet providers. I loaded our broadband twice with over a hundred prepaid credits and we never had a decent connection. It was crazy! So we ended up going to a café and get connected. No, we did not do entirely business during our vacation. There were just a few deadlines we had to sort out for a few hours and then we were all vacation mode.

We did not hit the beach until the following morning, we slept after lunch and headed to talipapa, roamed for a bit and had our lobster dinner there too. I am so happy to have experienced Boracay better this time. No more muddy tricycle ride like the one we had in 2001. Boracay has definitely transitioned to better, busier and more fun place!

fresh water pearl

fresh water pearl shopping

halowich boracay

desserts over at Halowich

Boracay Getaway 2009, Day 1

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