This week’s updates

Marriage and Beyond has always been my primary blog. With at least four updates a week, the number has gone down to two. As soon as we came back from Boracay a week ago, we all went right back to business. We officially started homeschooling last week and as we were on it, I was also posting articles across our web pages and beating deadlines in between. The housework and everything else are always part of the package, as usual. I really am just thankful for a healthier me this year that I am able to do what I am now doing and some.

Some? I have been pretty distracted with some applications over at this particular social network. That’s just on the side whenever I get to do the “alt-tab” exercise, which can become frequent if I do not watch it. I might be speaking jibberish but I know a lot of my friends (online and otherwise) who are into these online games can so relate.

Undeniably a distraction, which I also consider a pretty silly diversion. But truth to tell, it has this certain way of destressing me of sorts. Now that I’m back to regular programming, I have been pretty busy with online assignments and looking into articles I could write to post in my niched blogs. It occurred to me that it has been a while since I last wrote about TULA handbags over at my beauty and fashion blog, Kikay Corner.

I love that the designs of tula accessories give a fresh and equally fashionable alternative to the public. Other pricier brands are not exactly the most practically things especially in this time of economic crisis. Tula has been around for over 30 years, keeping to the philosophy of designing fab leather handbags at prices that are definitely affordable. I love providing regular readers of my beauty blog alternatives to branded stuff that are simply overrated.

Aside from the updates in my beauty blog, I am also constantly adding up articles in my healthy blog and brand new personal blog. I know I have not posted my photo essays on our Boracay vacation. That will be next in line, due next week.

This week’s updates
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