Vouching for GIGA’s Brand New Baby Product Line

Mommies very well know how babies and toddlers tend to smell rather sour after a few hours, or even minutes (during extra humid days) after we have given our little cutie pies their baths. I happily report that my son has been sweet smelling practically all day since he started using GIGA baby soap. He would still sweat all right, but nothing like how he used to. I love it so much that I use the soap on his hair too.

The GIGA brand has been a staple in our household since 2005. And I wouldn’t even start telling you about NO ITCH. It magically clears away any trace of itchiness. They both have a permanent place in my dresser. NO PAIN replaced my former pricier Origins’ Peace of Mind. When migraine attacks, my instinct would be is to grab NO PAIN.

I have recommended GIGA to friends and relatives.I remember getting hold of a handful of GIGA products for my bestfriend, Gina who is in London, a few years ago. This is just about the neatest thing so far GIGA has come up with. My baby and I love GIGA’s brand new baby line (baby soap, insect repellant spray, cold rub, baby balm, baby cologne and baby oil) Everything caters to pampering your baby. The cologne is formulated just right, with its own original scent. My son loves it, I do too. 🙂

The baby balm is made to help soothe and protect baby from diaper rash and minor cuts. But since my son has been over his diapering years for more than half of his life, I use it to prevent chapped cheeks or lips and moisturize dry skin. It can also be used to hydrate lips, hands and feet. It’s a multi purpose balm, that it has become mine and baby’s. But if you have a baby, this will be perfect to soothe diaper rash and treat cradle cap. I’m currently using this fantastic tub for my son’s sunburn and mine too from all those beach sprawling we’ve done in Boracay last week.

Another favorite that I have from their baby line is the Insect Repellant Spray. We even brought this with us to Boracay last week. Our household has been practically bug free because of this JML pest shield that we have had for more than a year now. But the thing is, as soon as my son steps out of the house, we’ll never know what’s out there.
I always make sure he gets sprayed all over first with GIGA’s Baby insect repellant spray and it has been very handy even in our trip to Boracay. He already knows that it’s part of the routine. It’s funny how kids get themselves into a routine quite easily. Now, whenever he wants to go out to the garage and ride his bike, he’d hand me this spray bottle and he would instinctively close his eyes as I spray it over his body. Very effective. Not one insect bite whenever he gets sprayed on. Prevention is so much better than cure. After having heard the cases of Dengue not exactly dwindling down, there is no way I am ever going to get my guard down.

And because it’s from GIGA, this insect repellant spray I speak of is formulated with all organic ingredients, just like their other products. It’s gentle enough to be sprayed directly on babies’ sensitive skins. Our family so loves GIGA! 😀

Vouching for GIGA’s Brand New Baby Product Line

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