My Mom’s New Toy

lcd desktop

With this LolaTechie going around as the most recent marketing strategy of this telephone company, I think my mom could easily come close to a second when it comes to groovy grandmas who are able to ride the waves of technology. She has always been computer savvy right from the early 80’s. While most of my classmates in grade school have yet to see what a computer does, we have been exposed to it.

Recently her old all black desktop has been failing and she expressed her plan to replace it. So yesterday, off we went to Gilmore to check out desktops that will fit her budget. She chose this 19″ flat screen dual core monster. The specs of which is for your regular highschool gaming dude to someone who creates digital videography. Cool eh. While she might not be able to maximize her pc’s potential, she is so thrilled about its performance. Gearing it up with the latest anti virus and operating system softwares. Both of which are licensed, of course. Now, maybe it’s time that I should introduce her to the blogging world. What do you think? 🙂

My Mom’s New Toy

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