Finally an Affordable Accommodation in Makati

SBC-Makati, the church that the hubby pastors, is located right smack in the country’s business district. When you are in Makati, it almost always follows that everything around the vicinity is expensive. This is the primary reason the church was not able to move addresses as previously planned.

Everything is expensive and for a small church that we have, it was not the wisest to commit to a monthly payment that we cannot afford. We did not have much of a choice but to stay put and prayerfully wait. There should be a good reason for this delay. While it is true that almost everything in Makati is expensive, there is a high quality, within the budget and good accommodation that I found in Jupiter Suites. At least now I know where to stay in any event that we have to stay within the vicinity of Makati. Jupiter Suites – a budget hotel in Makati City. Even a place that we could recommend of.

jupiter suites

For updates you might want to be a Facebook fan of Jupiter Suites. This budget hotel in Makati City has recently been upgraded. Now, fully loaded and equipped with internet access. Which has become a non-negotiable feature for us, especially now that I have to be virtually online twenty four by seven. This is what we make sure of whenever our family checks in a hotel. The last time being (aside from last week’s vacation in Boracay) was when our village had a power outage and power interruption that lasted almost twenty four hours. It can be the next most convenient thing to staying at home.

Finally an Affordable Accommodation in Makati
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