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Two days since we got back from Boracay and we are still not over it all! I heard once that sometimes a place can change you, I guess this time Boracay has me. I cannot recall ever enjoying Boracay this much. I can’t even recall ever enjoying Boracay at all, except of course for its white sand beauty. The time we were last there prior to this trip was in 2001, for our honeymoon. The so-so accommodation that we had then, plus the hassle of traveling from the port to Station 1. The endless bus ride from Kalibo to I don’t what that place is called (just when I thought the plane ride was the longest ride we were to have) I cannot even begin to put words into the discomfort of having to bathe in water that seem to come directly from the ocean. The water that was supplied in the hotel room we were in was just like salt water and it got my skin and hair so out of sorts. All the incovenience of our honeymoon trip in Boracay in 2001 were all scratched off in this trip.

How was I changed, you might ask. I was never a beach person before this trip. Like, N-E-V-E-R. I would rather stay indoors. If I was to go dip in a pool, I would rather do it at night. I don’t like the sun so much, let alone bathe in it all day long without an umbrella, at least. Despite the very bad delivery of the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer SPF55 sunblock lotion we brought with us, I did not mind at all. (Watch for my review to go live in my beauty blog anytime next week) I am now a tad darker and my skin hurts. Bad, Neutrogena, bad! Honestly, even then, I don’t care. I would gladly choose Boracay in a heartbeat if I were asked to choose between Manila and Boracay.

And FYI, I am not just speaking for myself. I never knew that separation anxiety can even apply to a place. But that is exactly what I would call it when my son refused to ride back to our home from the airport. It didn’t stop there, he went sobbing and begged to go right back to Boracay. We all know how resilient kids are. So now he’s back to normal.
I will posting some photo essays in the coming days. It would be a challenge to choose from all the 1,099 shots we took from our vacation.;-) From the lovely accommodations, to the islands, the resorts that are similar to the Outer Banks rentals that we visited, and a whole lot of snapshots of the fun we had during our four days, three nights stay in Boracay.

Post Travel Musings

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