Mommy Journey: Time with Friends

Thanks to Chris of Mommy Journey for coming up with interesting things on Mommy Moments. This week is Time Out with Friends. Since my son is an “unico hijo,” his friends mostly are adults. No wonder he went straight from babbling to talking. No baby talks along the way.

Once a week he gets to have time with children in church. And boy is he really glad every time, that he never seems to run out of energy. These are some snapshots of times that he spends with friends at church. He actually learned doing that “peace sign” from them.

And his favorite friend in the world, so far. They haven’t seen each other for two years but he can easily locate London from his little globe, where his friend Cham-Cham is. From time to time he would ask about her and two weeks ago, his father and I were flabbergasted when he all of sudden asked out of nowhere, “Mama, can I marry Cham-Cham when I grow up?” Tell me, what do I make of such statement! 🙂

Mommy Journey: Time with Friends

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