Communication in Marriage, Through the Years

In all our nearly eight wedded years together, as with every marriage, ours are loaded with both ups and downs. The first couple of years were essentially the most challenging. I wasn’t exactly the easiest person to live with. I have pretty high expectations for a marriage, mainly because I did not see a good one from my own family of origin. There is no way I would ever settle for that. But I couldn’t expect a good marriage to happen without doing my part of the equation.

To be honest I really think I have always had the Lord on my side. He could have allowed me to end up with one of my previous “wrong” relationships but he did not. He loved me enough (despite me) to give me the perfect person who will complement my very being. A turning point came and I heeded.

This being said, a marriage does not just stop at getting your perfect match. Truth be told, perfect is not even the perfect word. We are one corrupted bunch, which is basically why we needed a Redeemer. Couples should be intentional in pleasing each other, in doing their respective parts in the relationship. Communication is an integral part of marriage. Relationships entail a lot of work. Tantrums can just about break what could be the sweetest of marriage if communication is not healthy. Sometimes you have to be creative and care enough for your spouse’s feelings.

The years sometimes get us to treat our spouse differently.  Fact is, courtship does not have to end at all. I admit to yielding to my stubborn self every now and then. But the moment I switch right back to treating my husband right, then things get better and sweeter. Looking forward to waking up everyday with your spouse beside you is something to behold. Life is too short to sulk in the corner and make up excuses why life is so hard on you when you haven’t exactly done your part towards a better finite life.  We consider ourselves blessed to be able to share how relationships can be restored and actually live life to the fullest for the now and eternity. 🙂

Communication in Marriage, Through the Years

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