My Hub’s “website gift” and Spider Veins Solution for a Reader

After having recently bought another domain for myself, I pretty much have put more time on it than I did here on my main blog, this past week. Please forgive the less frequent updates on Aside from the blog updates that I had to do across my blogs (a couple of which still undisclosed), my sweet hubby gifted me with another website. I did not have to ask twice. 😉 Thanks, Jeff! It just occurred to me that this is a validation to my doubts that the web bug has bitten us. Â If it were some years back, I would have found it queer to be gifted by my beloved spouse a blog. Of all things, who would have appreciated a website! Well, I do now. I would probably make a promotion of it in the coming days but I will have to let you in some bits about it, for now. It’s a wordpress blog, no less. A domain of its own and with a title that has been SEO-ed (if you know what I mean).Now I’m kinda stuck what I want more for a gift, Belgian chocolates or a website (good and well thought of one). 😉

One of the more updated blogs that I have is my beauty blog. Dear readers must have noticed my inclination towards all natural products when it comes to beauty treatments.One reader contacted me and confessed of her varicose veins issues.My tendency was to refer her toVARICOSE VEINS PITTSBURGH. If you know me, you will easily figure out why. The team behindvaricose veins pittsburgh use minimally invasive treatment alternative for patients who suffer from superficial venous reflux. This is usually where varicose veins often start.

As much as I would love to give my reader an all natural treatment for her superficial venous reflux issues, this is the most natural that she could really go to spider veins pittsburgh.The truth of the matter is there is this estimated 20% of the adult population in America alone that is afflicted with this problem.Varicose problems aren’t just about the aesthetics. The pain that goes with it is reason enough to get it taken cared of.

Between homeschooling, house chores, web content writing, church and occasional blog events, it is just nice to be able to juggle things and enjoy life. Â When it comes with my time with the hubs, I have an ever faithful alarm clock seated inside by rib cage that goes off the moment I don’t get to spend quality time with him (which, thank God is not very often). I totally get disoriented when that happens, out of sorts, frazzled even. Â That’s the time when I bug him right back to our “us” time. I have the most wonderful husband and I thank God for him everyday and that’s not just because of the website gift. 😉

My Hub’s “website gift” and Spider Veins Solution for a Reader
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