My Current Bedside Book: Five Love Languages of Children

Got hold of another treasure book via OMF’s Ukay Bookay! We were able to avail of the 30% discount last week.  🙂 I have always known that loving my child isn’t enough. I should love him right. I have pretty much my own idea of how I should nurture and love him, but the question is does the message get across? There have been a few articles written about the Five Love Languages in this blog and it always pertains to how to speak your spouse’s love language. I would love to better speak my son’s love language that is why I got hold of this book.

When you become a parent, it is easy understand and actually grasp what unconditional love is. The Five Love Languages of Children can help you make your child feel secure, loved and more willing and open to interact with you and your family. A review will be posted as soon as I’m done with the book.

Meanwhile, here are a few testimonials from people who have read this book:
“This volume will, without question, enhance any parent-child relationship.”
– Church Libraries

“Even if you’ve read tons of parenting books, you will truly learn something new from this one – something to enhance your relationship with your child and adults in your life. You’ll probably even learn something about yourself.”
– Mom, Massachusetts

“This book would be useful reading for any parent, no matter the quality of relationships within the family, as well as anyone else who is dealing with children on a regular basis (teachers, grandparents, babysitters, etc.)”
– Yarden, Texas

“I can’t speak of the emotion that fills my heart when thinking of this book. It is saving my family! My husband and I now know how to satisfy our children in the most basic of ways… Love!! And I will tell you a secret: they do their chores now with no complaints!!”
– Mackena, California

My Current Bedside Book: Five Love Languages of Children

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