Celebrating with Our Church Family

SBC-Makati is one thrilled bunch as we altogether welcome another year of God’s faithfulness. We are celebrating our 6th anniversary this coming Sunday, March 31, 2009. We appreciate all the years that we have been with our church family.

A lot of preparations are being done, invitations are already out and the new tarpaulin is now ready to replace our current backdrop. We have also been contacting former attendees, hoping they will be available to celebrate our 6th anniversary with us. Our church office does not yet have its own internet service. Maybe a service similar to what verizon offers will be nice.  verizon bundles will prove to be the most practical, to say the least. Our local ones charge like crazy for the simplest of service. We could make use of its wireless phone service from the list of verizon deals. This would help people who are on the follow up ministry could easily contact members and attendees in our database list.

We currently do not have anyone on staff yet, but the volunteer workers are doing a great job at their ministries. They have this sense of ownership over the ministries that have been assigned to them. It helps a lot that they are working through their giftings and talents. We have been in a celebrative mood for weeks now and we move forward to our seventh year hopeful to an even better year for SBC-Makati.

Celebrating with Our Church Family

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