Update on SBC-Makati

Sumulong Baptist Church – Makati will officially turn six years on May 25, 2009. It was in the middle of last year when we started praying for a place to transfer to. We looked all over but found none. The location is not really the cheapest city in the country. In fact, it is the opposite.

We are more than glad that we were able to strike a deal with the owner of the building. It will give us more time to corporately pray for a better location. Another concern will be to hire a company to take care of REMOVALS. Although the job won’t exactly entail a task as difficult as international removals, it will still be a great deal of challenge for the company that we will hire. The library will be a major part of the removals.

We are thrilled to be treading another milestone with our church family. We have been through tough times. Through the times that we could have given up, we chose to heed to what we are called to do and the Lord has proven Himself faithful. Although we do not exactly have the nicest location, a wet market as its frontage, we are confident that the Lord will lead us to the place. Right now our core group are zeroing in on praying for a lot of our own. No more having to rent.

For now we are focused on what we are here for – to impact the lives of the community around our local church. Manna Feeding Center continues to run and provide 60 children with lunch and dinner from Tuesday to Friday. This ministry is backed by Manna Worldwide. More Sunday school teachers are trained recently and even as we try to make do with the resources that we currently have, we are hoping for funds to come in that will enable us to install more fans for the classrooms. This is one of the predominant needs that I saw when I went around the rooms last Sunday. Ministers are willing and they are arising to the occasion but the rooms have become too hot for comfort even for the children, as the temperature once again rises to high levels lately. There may be a few challenges, but we will keep on and have our eyes toward the mark as we celebrate SBC-Makati’s 6th anniversary.

Update on SBC-Makati

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