Looking Forward to Officially Homeschool

One month. This is what I have left to figure my schedule out when I start homeschooling my sweet little guy. Early this coming June, we are going to have him assessed. What we are going to use for our homeschool curriculum is the international standard of School of Tomorrow (S.O.T.)  a.k.a. Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) .

We will then know from the result of the reading assessment if my son will be enrolled in Preschool with Ace and Christi or ABCs of ACE. The former is the program for children who have been tested NOT ready to read, while the latter is for those children tested READY to read. My son has been reading simple three and four letter words from age 2, so I am fairly confident that he is going to do the ABCs of ACE instead. But we will know for sure when we get him tested. He has to score at least 80% during the assessment.


I am both thrilled and nervous. Treading a brand new milestone with the little guy, with its success probability practically burdened on me is a huge challenge. My motivation is definite and I am choosing this as a part of the vocation I picked when I left the corporate world to totally support my husband seven years ago.

Although I should admit that for some weeks now, I have been a little overwhelmed when I wonder how I am ever going to juggle homeschooling into my already heavy schedule. And as I dwell on them, I notice I am again getting heavier by the day. I got back to my yo-yo diet. I even think Liporexall will even do me better than being on a yo-yo diet. When I come to look into it with hope more than anxiousness, I become more excited than nervous. For sure, it will not only be our son who will learn, but I will too. The Lord has a few things to refine in my character still. I am not the most patient person and this is one way he will teach me. I would like to think that the motivation He has put in my heart will be the fuel to mold me into the person, wife, mother, friend that He wants me to be.

He will be with me through this. My heart is at peace that this is what I should do. But since I am not yet in the situation, I get concerned over the schedule. Being an action person, the Lord has always allowed me to device a system for me to juggle the things that I have to do, and I am sure He is not going to fail me this time. We do not have a househelp and so far I still refuse to hire one. My once a week cleaning lady will suffice for now.

This would mean I have to prepare our meals at night. Since our homeschool schedule will be from 8AM to 12NN, I will barely have time to cook after. I am actually giving myself a month to adjust. Then after lunch, when the little guy is tucked in for his afternoon nap, that will be the time I will do my online business. I will just adjust my schedule accordingly as needs arise. It will be a given that I cannot take in the same volume of work that I got used to. That will not work for us financially, though. But I know in my heart that God will provide like He always did in the past. 🙂


Looking Forward to Officially Homeschool

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