Internet Connection Trouble

One of a webmaster’s ultimate nightmares is zero connection. It makes those times when internet connection is on intermittent mode, suddenly bearable. This is what happened to my connection yesterday. I had deadlines to beat and a handful of other tasks scheduled to take care of.

 The impatient me got to my old grouchy self and refused to call the hotline. I couldn’t believe I will be back to calling hotlines again. I reckon that our former broadband connection got me traumatized of sorts. We literally had to call several times a day, agents saying the same lines over again and not getting the connection problem resolved. Frustration to the highest level, to say the least. I was brought back to that instance. Plus the fact that I barely know what the hubby did back then when their technical team is with him on the phone going about all those crazy troubleshooting. One thing for sure, I was not in my best mood yesterday morning. The hubby was sweet enough to call the hotline himself before he left for the office and I was told that it was reported that there is trouble with the DSL connection around the East area and they are doing something about it.

Ever since our shift to this DSL bundle subscription from a previous crappy broadband, we have not had such major problems, until yesterday. We are paying a few hundred bucks more compared to the subscription plan we had with our previous provider and we did not really mind, we were happy with the service. More often than not, our connection is doing more than 1.5Mbps. That was before yesterday. It would really be sweet if we get something like that of Qwest high speed Internet and Qwest phone service. For $14.99, which is actually less than half the amount of our current subscription, a Qwest client gets to enjoy up to 1.5Mbps. That will be huge savings for us, if ever.

Oh well, I just hope that internet interruption will not happen again. My connection got back in a few hours. The internet geek in me got a little crazy over those few hours. So far, so good. No major problems since.

Internet Connection Trouble

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