Getting Ready for Our Boracay Vacation

In less than a month, our family will fly to the Boracay island to have our well deserved vacation. The little guy has prepared his bag of must haves (goggles, stuff to help him make sand castles, trunks, floaties and lifesaver). It would have been neater if we had him enrolled in swimming class for toddlers, I’m sure it would spare us a lot of warming up time in the water. It was when he was barely a year old when he first experienced the beach. He was so okay with the water. But I guess as a baby grows up and learn about the dangers of the world, he gets to realize the possibility of bad things that can happen.


Well, it can also be that we seldom go to the beach or to the pool for a swim. The last time was last year when our church family went to a resort in Boso-Boso. My little guy was afraid even with his lifesaver on. As for me, I should definitely get back to shape. Otherwise none of my bathing suits will fit me anymore. A couple of weeks back, I had my first ever body wraps slimming treatment.  While it is true that I lost an inch and a half in one treatment, I should still be disciplined enough to keep it off by watching my diet. BODY WRAPS can actually get rid of cellulites. I was told by my therapist that it depends on how long the unwanted fats have been around. Chances are, few body wrap treatments will be required to shed off subcutaneous body fat. The best to get rid of those kinds is the Guam Seaweed Mud bodywraps. I have always believed that seaweed has properties tasked for the job.

Excited, that is what we are. Although the month of June is not exactly part of the summer season anymore. But whoever said that it is going to rain buckets at the supposedly peak of the summer season last April, right? We cannot have the weather or season dictate what we do with our lives, so we are off to fly in mid June. Happy to go back where we honeymooned in 2001.

Getting Ready for Our Boracay Vacation

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