Bible: Unique in Its Continuity

I am so amazed about the Bible and how it is so unique. With its cover as common as other books, because of its content. However, it is not just like any other book. It stands alone among millions or even billions of books ever written.


The Bible is unique in so many ways. But I am amazed by its continuity, to think that it was written over a 1,500 year span, which is over 40 generations. It was not written by one man, but it was written by at least 40 authors who come from the most diverse walks of life.  It was also written in different places, at different times and written in three languages. Its subject matter includes so many subjects that are considered controversial topics like adultery, homosexuality, sex, abortion, war and many others.

But from the fall of the first family, their wearing of animal body wraps that shows how sin was covered through the shedding of the blood, to the choosing of Abraham and a nation, to its disobedience, to the coming of the Messiah who came to earth as a baby with swaddling clothes as body wraps, to His living a perfect and sinless life, to his betrayal, death and resurrection, to the zeal of His followers who were martyred up to the written prophecies of how everything in this world will end  everything is so amazing.

With the facts mentioned about this book or should I say, this library of books, I am in awe that the Bible’s content, and despite its diversity, has harmony and continuity. It shows one unfolding story and that is God’s redemption of the human race.

Bible: Unique in Its Continuity

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