The “Receiving Gifts” Love Language

I have dedicated more than a couple of posts on Gary Chapman’s book, The Five Love Languages. The hubby and I were blessed to have encountered this book early in our marriage. It made us identify our own love languages, which made us realize why we respond the way we do. It also made us see and understand each other’s love language. As foreign as the language of the other is to us, we now know the value of learning it and speak it as our respective second language. It cannot be more articulated better than Gary Chapman did in his book. Showing love is not just about throwing whatever we think and feel, as each individual is uniquely wired. Even as we vowed to love our spouses on our wedding day, the imperfect people that we are have our tendencies to fall short somewhere, somehow.

As I have mentioned before, my primary love language is Quality Time, the hubby’s is Words of Affirmation. But there is this love language that is entirely special by itself. Receiving Gifts. Those who has this as their primary love language gets their love tanks full by receiving gifts. Note that gifts do not necessarily mean grand and have to be bought from a store. It can be handpicked from the garden, a poem, or anything that is drawn from the giver’s heart to the recipient.

Although I love receiving stuff from the hubby, I have always appreciated more, the gifts that entailed him more effort than just getting it from the store. For mother’s day, he has been asking me what I want for the occasion and I really had nothing in mind just yet. He said I have to think of something, “nothing” is unacceptable. 

Whatever is your spouse’s primary language, gifts will always be a part of how we show love to him or her. The old adage will forever be true, “You can give without loving, but you cannot love without giving.”

The “Receiving Gifts” Love Language

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