Christian Perspective on Family Planning

The issue of family planning in a Christian family is a rather controversial one. There is no passage in the New Testament about the issue of birth control. Obviously, God has left this one issue up to the couple, as long as they do not go against the other commandments. Which brings me to mention that abortion is a no-no. Exodus 20:13 says “Do not murder.”  Abortion is killing a human being.

The size of a family is all up to the couple to decide. Although God has given Adam and later Noah (after the Flood), the command to replenish the earth, a few other factors about raising a family should also be considered.  Raising a family means getting into a commitment to train up each and every child aright. The ability to provide should also be looked into. A larger family automatically means more tuition and basically more of everything.

If ever a couple decides to have an unlimited number of children is up to them. But they should also get into this with the responsibility that goes with such decision. If ever they decide to get into something invasive like getting a more permanent contraception. Again, it’s really all up to them. So long as there is no event of killing the fertilized egg and abortion, the kind of family planning a couple decides should not matter. This means NO to that morning-after pill as well. 

On the other hand if a couple decides to just have one child, they should also consider the danger of spoiling the child. This is very common in a family with one child. This is why our hearts’ desire is to have another child. But if this is not in God’s plan, then we are okay with it. Having an only child, we put it upon ourselves to be more aware that we do not spoil him in any way.  Right from the time that we were still pregnant with our son, our prayer has always been to more than just have a child that we could live with, but who will be a blessing to the people around him, as well. So far, even as there is this tendency to have that center of attention on him, he knows who is in command. We would like to think that he is considerably one disciplined child.

More than the issue of how big or small a family should be, it is more important to subject our family to what God has intended it to be. Prayerfully plan and envision what you want in your family and decide from there.

Christian Perspective on Family Planning

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