Affair Proof Your Marriage by Speaking Your Spouse’s Love Language

One of the many things we are often are often tackled during marriage counseling is how to affair proof a marriage. Another is how to cope with infidelity. The answer is not easy. In fact, there is really no single defining answer to such question. The hope of a realistic chance that things will ever be back to normal is even thinner. That is if we look at it in the perspective that is humanly possible. But even as the Lord said that His grace will be sufficient, it is in fact possible.

This monster that is called infidelity in a marriage never comes in uninvited. But the invitation is sometimes very subtle that it cannot be detected until it smacks you in the face. It usually begins when the spouse involved in an affair allowed his or her guards down. It starts like any usual innocent relationship, very often with someone who is very familiar to you.  It almost always starts with an attachment that progresses into an emotional affairBut since there is none, it is really up to us to be very conscious on the way we get involved when it comes to relationships with the opposite sex.

It also does not help if a spouse feels ignored or taken for granted in the marriage relationship. The hubby and I would often go back to having the couple go through the book, The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman. Just like what  GE home security does. It prevents the incidence of uninvited people getting into our homes by teaching couples to level to each other and learn to speak the spouse’s love language. This will help a couple to absorb the reciprocation of love in marriage more effectively. When you come to think about it, it totally makes sense to choose to acquire a second language, in the event that you and your spouse happen to speak different love languages.

 As the old adage says, “Prevention is better than cure.” And when it is done by speaking each other’s languages, it goes beyond just prevention, but making the most of what is marriage is purposed for to begin with. Nothing is sweeter than a great marriage. With a great marriage, your spouse ceases to just be your wife or husband. He or she becomes your bestfriend and lover rolled into one, until death separates you.

Affair Proof Your Marriage by Speaking Your Spouse’s Love Language

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