Infidelity in Marriage

It was during the first year that the hubby started pastoring the church in Makati when we started with the couples bible study group. It was the most interesting time for the both of us. It was a challenge, because our marriage was young back then, but the Lord was faithful. He used that time for us to learn while ministering to other married couples.

The Lord led us to use wonderful materials on marriage. Most of which were gifts from my uncle who is also a pastor in America. The one thing that stood out to be a big issue in marriage is surviving an affair. Others would even ask, does a partner even have to survive an affair at all. Unfaithfulness is hands down, the most devastating experience a partner can ever go through in marriage – in life even Even after everything has been dealt with, it will take a real long while before the feeling of betrayal can ever pass. Sometimes, even never, especially if you try to press on without the kind of support that you need. It has its tendency to continually hunt you and your marriage. This is why in the sessions we have had, we work on the foundation, communication, everything that will keep the couple bonded to each other.

There are a handful of tell tale signs of infidelity. But it is not until the partner has confirmed it that it starts to really hurt endlessly. The thing is a partner only has to go through it once to be convinced that there is nothing more devastating than to be betrayed by your own husband or wife. The scope of infidelity in marriage goes beyond the surface of a wife drowning herself into all the weight loss pills that she could get, justifying her husband’s philandering ways.  It even goes beyond the issue of co-dependency.

Although our God is the God who restores what the locusts have eaten, no marriage would want to go through that road of infidelity. I cannot even begin to type the words of devastation that goes along with it. We have always believed that we should at all times be vigilant. We encourage men and women in our church to guard their hearts and minds. In fact one of the favorite books that I use in my discipleship with women in church is Every Woman’s Battle. We cannot focus on repairing broken relationships without zeroing in first on how we are wired and define how the Lord has designed us. Created after His likeness and purposed for His glory.

And just when you might be led to think that this kind of lifestyle is utter boredom, think again. Without all the complications of moral damage, a marriage can enjoy the freedom that no bondage of immorality can ever but fleetingly give.

Infidelity in Marriage

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