Earth Hour 2009 Report

World Wildlife Fund Philippines recently emailed me a report on the impact the Philippines has made during the Earth Hour last month, March 28, 2009. It was a joy to learn that our country ranked number one in the world in the number of cities that participated during the Earth Hour.

Over 15 million Filipinos in 650 major cities and towns
switched off their lights.

This year, the Philippines ranked number one
in the world in the number of cities and municipalities
that participated in Earth Hour 2009.

Together, we made history. Together, we made a difference.

But Earth Hour is just the beginning.
By signing up and turning off, your stand against climate
change will be heard at the UN Climate Summit this December in Copenhagen

where leaders of all countries will discuss absolute greenhouse
gas reductions and how they can help countries like the
Philippines adapt to the escalating impacts of a warming

Earth Hour 2009 Report

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