Mommy Moments: Daddy Moments

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This week’s Mommy Moments is particularly hard for me. You see I take around 500 shots a month since the little guy is born, so choosing from amongst the thousands can be pretty challenging for anyone.

Any wife and mother will always find joy when she sees her beloved partner in life sinking beautifully into fatherhood with so much grace like my dear husband does.  For someone who has an absentee father for more than half of his life, he is thoroughly excelling in this area.  Proof that it is ultimately a man’s choice what he decides to be and not be dictated by his past circumstance.  For this matter, whatever kind of family of origin he came from.  I love Jeff more each day for being the kind of man he is and the father that he is to our child.

From the thousands of photo files I have in my external hard drive, I chose less than thirty. I opted to make a collage instead to get them all to fit in one post.

Mommy Moments: Daddy Moments
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