Today, April 22 is Earth Day

Celebrated every April 22, Earth Day was originally founded by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson in 1970 and has since been practiced all over the world annually.

What can we do for earth day? Since the first Earth Day in April 22, 1970 people around have celebrated by renewing their commitments to do their share in building a healthier and cleaner world not just for those around us, but for the generations to come.

There are handful of ways that you can do today. Plant a tree, volunteer to an event that has to do with Earth Day, Maybe if you have the resources, choose natural energy in your homes- install solar panels. Organize an event where you live to spread the Earth Day awareness campaign. It does not have to be spectacular. The best thing about it is we actually do not have to wait for April 22 to do our share in taking care of our environment.

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Today, April 22 is Earth Day

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