Sweet Potato Tops (Camote Tops) Juice Recipe

Sweet potato (camote tops juice) and lemongrass juice are two of the things I have religiously given my son in the last three days he was down with fever. Well not exactly down, because you could actually miss that he has it, if you won’t feel his skin or check his temperature. I practically had to hold him off from his usual overactive self.

Thanks to the sweet potato tops (camote tops juice) and lemongrass juice that I think helped him fight what he was sick of. I am happy to report that my son has been fever free for more than 24 hours. The last three nights were the craziest for me. I hardly had any sleep, managing my son’s temperature by giving him frequent sponge baths. It was only the first day that the fever will persist for almost the whole day. The days that followed were lower grade ones and were several hours apart.

The only thing I gave him were occasional paracetamol, lemongrass juice and sweet potato juice. Both of the juices he would refer to as his juice medicine. I have not done sweet potato juicing for sometime now because we have kind of gotten stuck to lemongrass juice as our regular family drink. But because there is a valid Dengue scare, I knew we have got to up our chances of being able to manage if it was the case.

sweet potato tops juice

For those of you who have been asking how to make sweet potato tops juice (camote tops juice), here is a post especially dedicated for this recipe.

1. Clean a sheaf of sweet potato tops in a mixture of water with vinegar. This will take out the soil and other dirt particles from the vegetable. I formerly used Sunrider™’s SunSmile® Fruit & Vegetable Rinse, but later figured my trusty vinegar could do the job.
2. Boil the sweet potato tops for at least five minutes. Let it cool.
3. Separate the leaves from the juice. (You can use the sweet potato tops as salad or appetizer)
4. Squeeze in lemon or calamansi juice. The number of calamansi is up to you.
5. Add honey to taste.

6. Refrigerate.

Your ultra refreshing sweet potato tops concoction will be ready in no time! Of course, for hot tea drinkers, you could always choose to drink the juice straight after procedure number three.

Dengue fever is one of the most dreaded diseases in tropical countries such as the Philippines. It has taken lives of quite a number of children and adults. National Statistical Coordination Board reports tens of thousands of deaths brought about by Dengue every year.

Dengue kills and it does its job by having the patient’s platelet count to a dangerous low, and then it becomes fatal. Studies have shown that the nutritional content of sweet potato tops can fight the dangerous drop of a patient’s platelet count.

It really is so simple if you think about it. It might even get you to think that a disease so dreaded cannot just be cured by those lowly camote tops. The truth is right there in our own backyards. Come to think of it, if we heed to the supposedly insult/jest, “Go home and plant camote,” it will even do us good after all.

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Sweet Potato Tops (Camote Tops) Juice Recipe

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