Preparing for the Call of Duty Summer Youth Camp

The hubby has been working like a horse this past few weeks, taking care of some camp logistics for next week’s Summer Youth Camp: Call of Duty. He has been going from school to school to follow up on the delegates for this year’s camp event.

We’re more than thrilled that a handful of those who committed their lives to Christ some years back are now stepping up and leading another generation of young souls. A few more days and they are all set to leave for the campsite.

Meanwhile, I hope that Jeff gets a good deal for surplus shocks replacement and automotive lifts. He’s on his way to Banawe as I type this entry. The vehicle that he used to bring to the site the previous years will not be available, so he needs to bring the seasoned car and take it on a long drive. That is why he is making sure it is ready for the travel.

Preparing for the Call of Duty Summer Youth Camp
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