Random Thoughts on Marriage

If there is anything true about marriage, it is the fact that when you enter such ceremony, you should not expect to see any exit sign anywhere within its bounds. This is true especially in the Philippines, where there is no divorce. This is the reason why a couple should not just consider marriage just because. On the contrary, it should be thought through a hundred times, or even more.

Marrying for the wrong reasons usually ends up in a miserable life. Even though my dear husband would often tease that it was I who first liked him, I am not ashamed to admit that at eleven years old, I was already praying for him. The Lord must have put him into my heart to pray for me. The fact that he has reserved himself for me should be proof enough.

Even as all this is said, I should admit that the first few years of our marriage were not the easiest. Two different personalities coming from two different family of origins with different sets of values –it could even spell disaster to say the least. But because we entered into marriage with commitment, with the guidance of our spiritual parents, exit signs are not options for this marriage.  This marriage is even getting better by the year.  We see that we are not the same persons we married eight years ago.  We have become a better wife and husband to each other through the years and we can only give credit to God for his overflowing grace.  

Random Thoughts on Marriage

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