My Beauty Blog’s Online Store is Now Live

After having transferred my beauty blog, to wordpress last week, I knew I had to get down to business and have the online store running after the long wait. It is inevitable. Countless of inquiries of beauty products that I endorse, I just knew I had to put something up for my readers to have access to a few of the rather scarce and not always commercially available natural beauty products.

It is not easy to be a webmaster of a handful of niched blogs and put rich content on them on a regular basis. A challenge, to say the least. But I’m definitely loving it! Especially after having seen that my experimentation with yet another new blog (another niched one) is topping the search engine. I get really giddy, when some of the newly acquired SEO skills of the hubs is passed down to yours truly and actually see my posts rank. We really hope that we grow forward to becoming better webmasters.

Meanwhile, as I go about my business in keeping this online shop, I have yet to create a merchant account and maybe later add in some other girl stuff like Marni necklace and who knows I just might get back to making my very own Swarovski crystal blings and sell them online.

I used to design and create my very own swarovski crystal jewelries six years ago and they sold like hot pancakes.  Literally! I even customized for some clients and even had the items shipped abroad.  I doubt I could still take in the same bulk of work, unless of course, I outsource.  It is neat that shipping is made easy by a local courier who picks my merchandise for free and have them shipped anywhere in the world. Sweet!

My Beauty Blog’s Online Store is Now Live

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