A Day of Celebration at Church

As tiring as Sundays are always for us, especially for Jeff (he preaches all day long during Sundays, three times to be exact), today is really a fruitful and blessed day for us. Our hearts are filled with joy as we see the core of our church family getting serious in nurturing their relationship with Christ.

It has been close to a month now that the core group has been meeting every single day for daily devotions. My heart is more than pleased that a door has been opened for yet another cell group in the community. We aren’t multiplying exponentially just yet (church attendance wise), the Lord is clearly more interested in working on the foundation, our core group. The contagious fire is ongoing and this alone is a testament of the Lord’s hand upon Sumulong Baptist Church-Makati.

Jeff will be extremely busy the next couple of weeks working on some logistics for the upcoming Call of Duty. Meanwhile, we plan to enjoy our family day tomorrow. We have lined up some family activities and watch a movie and maybe a couple tv series.

We look forward to watching the installments of Heroes and 24 –  our weekly fix. I have read that Satellite TV San Francisco delivers and I’m sure if we had the same kind of service, we can actually watch the episodes spontaneously as it is shown on FOX. But for now since we do not have the same service available like that of San Francisco Satellite Television, we plan to watch Freedom Writers on Monday and wait until Tuesday night to be able to watch 24 and Heroes. You might want to check San Francisco satellite tv for info on their packages, for as low as $9.99/mo. Meanwhile, the hubs and I are looking forward to watch what will come out President Taylor’s negotiation with the terrorist on 24.

A Day of Celebration at Church

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