Happy 60th Birthday, Papa!

Today is my father’s 60th birthday! Happy Birthday, Papa! You are the most thoughtful and generous father ever. Even during my family of origin’s not so good years, he made sure I did not lack. Provided me with everything a student might need and even more, whenever he was able. I consider myself blessed for the earthly father, my heavenly father has provided me. It was not all bright and shiny, but he could easily grab the bag of being the best father ever.

I won’t forget how he consistently gave me a glass of milk at bedtime when I was little and my heart is just glad how he has shown the same love and thoughtfulness to our son, whenever he is able. Even after I got married, the support has never ceased to present itself. I know I may not be as appreciative as I should be. But even then, I know it won’t still be enough. I often find myself distracted because of the hundred different tasks waiting for me. But please know that I thank God for you, Papa. I pray that He will give you many more years, so we could enjoy your presence filled with contagious laughters and joyful spirit.


This is a special birthday greeting
that comes with love, to you
It brings warm and heartfelt thank yous
For all the thoughtful things you do–
It also comes to let you know
you mean more to me, Jeff and Jed each day..
To everyone your life has touched
in such a loving way.
Happy Birthday Papa!
We love you,
Jen, Jeff and Jed

Happy 60th Birthday, Papa!

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