What to Do this Holy Week

While the hubby is so ready to go off to Tagaytay this coming Thursday, I cannot help but feel the need of just staying in the Metro and enjoy the easy traffic and non crowded malls. But then again, the humidity and rising temperature scream out for us to go enjoy the cool weather of Tagaytay. Baguio would have been a neat choice, except that it is a little too far. It is just nice that there is this closer alternative to Baguio. It is easier to be spontaneous and go there when time permits.

Whatever it is we decide to do on Thursday, we had to make sure all bank transactions are done. Wednesday is going to be the last banking day for this week.  Social security payments are done, the same with utility bills. Congestion is going to be inevitable, as expected.

As much as I do not want to burst the hubby’s bubble of having a quick getaway to Tagaytay, I hope to gently remind him of the pending things we need to do in the house. We still have not decided on which corner to use for our homeschooling base and how to go about its present state. I hope to be able to get all this settled before having our Bora getaway this coming June. I know it is still two months away, but I have always been prudent especially with things like these. It is hard for me to just sit down and do nothing. Cramming is not really my kind of thing.

We’ll see, we’ll see. I will lovingly say my thoughts out loud tonight and if the hubby still wants to pursue Tagaytay, then it will be it.  Truth to tell, I so understand his need to relax and enjoy the holidays.  He has been so busy and really tired these past weeks because of the youth camp preparations.  And I also can make use of a better weather in Tagaytay.


What to Do this Holy Week
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