A Healthier Us in 2009

One year ago today, I was in one of those hospital beds in Medical City – a confinement that lasted almost a week. It was longer than my hospital stay when I gave birth to my son. I was then enrolled in my review classes and everything had to be on a halt. Not to mention the board exam that I was to take in the next couple of weeks. It was actually the onset of a year full of bed rests, doctor’s visits, endless medications and all those tens of thousands of pesos that went along with it. Being sick is not easy, to say the least.

“This year will be different,” this is what I claimed in faith. The first quarter of 2009 is almost over and we are all doing okay. I believe one of the major things that contributed to our being healthier is having the Vaxigrip Flu vaccine during the first month of this year. The event invite where we got the shots came in just in time because we were really scheduled to get our shots the first week of February.

A collage that I made from the Bakuna event that we attended. We got our little guy ready the night before by letting him know that he’s getting the shot together with mama. We were all surprised that he volunteered to get the first shot. Even though he stepped back when he saw the syringe, I still think it was best that I had him ready for it. So there will be no room for trauma for anyone – worked for us from day one.

If there was anything, I am more than thankful that our family attended the Bakunado Campaign through the efforts of Sanofi Pasteur last January. It was because of that event that I was made set to be more vigilant than I ever was. It was a real eye opener. If there was anything that I learned as I browsed through http://www.bakuna.ph, flu is nothing like a simple case. I learned a whole lot about the strains of influenza, its causes and how it spreads. The truth of the matter is, a whole bunch of complications can stem from what I used to call a simple case of influenza (Trangkaso in our vernacular).

After the roller coaster ride our family had with influenza last year, I can never emphasize enough the importance of getting the Flu vaccine yearly. It is our best shot in getting a better quality of life .

A Healthier Us in 2009

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