Vacation Preps and Things in Between

Our family is looking forward to our vacation to Boracay this coming June. The little guy has started packing up his little beach shovel and other tools to make his sand castles. It is a blessing that we were able to avail of a hard to resist airfare. Hubs and I had a grand time during our honeymoon and by June, our little cutie pie Jed will be four years old, ready to relish the beauty of the beach of the island of Boracay.

We are currently choosing from two of the most recommended accommodation in Boracay. One is in Station 1 and the other in Station 2. I like the one is Station 2 better, because of its accessibility to just about everywhere. But the one in Station1 is the one that is wifi zone (3rd and 4th floors). I am actually leaving it up to the hubby.

The little guy’s tuition for the coming school year is already settled. When the majority of the expenses of the year is done, we will start saving up for a decent car. A second hand car, if things will not get better. Recession really took its toll on our online income. If we were still making as much as we did last year, we could already afford to buy a brand new one, without doubt. But I figured used cars aren’t all that bad, we really just have to hook ourselves up with a reputable seller like the people in England can via This is the site to look into if for quality used cars.

Meanwhile, I am now shifting in between unearthing white elephants to give away and to gather for the garage sale. I need all the space that we can get for our homeschooling corner/base here at home.

Vacation Preps and Things in Between

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