Conficker C Threat on April Fool’s Day

When my younger sister informed me today of the Conficker C attacking on April Fool’s Day, which is tomorrow, it was rather easy to shrug it off just like we should have, the Y2K virus. When she said that an officemate from the IT Department told her that they will be shutting down their whole system due to the worm Conficker C threat to attack computers, I knew this was something else.

I was in for an even bigger surprise when I learned that the Conficker C has been covered by no less than the CNN already. Another reporter from CBS tells how this deadly worm could possibly attack computers. A clicked link from a friend connected with you on some networking site is the trigger to get your computers infected. Hackers then can get into the information they need to wipe out bank accounts. Sounds crazy? Think again. As for me, I am going to play safe and not use the computer for the whole day tomorrow. It is better to be safe than sorry.

So what really is said to happen tomorrow? Click here for the the detailed report from CNN.


Computer expert Ken Colburn tells you how to find out if your computer is infected with the computer worm Conficker C.

Conficker C Threat on April Fool’s Day
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