Massages and Me Time

While it is true that we really cannot prevent stress from creeping into our everyday lives, there are things we can do to manage them. As a work from home mom, I have both full time careers to take care of. That doubles the responsibilities that I already have and a “Me Time” is but a necessity, to somehow keep me from losing sanity. Believe me, it’s tough work. Especially now that I am to figure out how things should work when school year starts for the little guy.

imageshowjpgI love massages and with the stresses that I am exposed to on a daily basis, lines showing up here and there are but inevitable. Once in a while I treat myself to self conducted microdermabrasion. I barely have time to leave home for these treatments. That is why this facial massage video straight from Video Shelf really come in handy. I still have to figure out how Chemical Peels work, I’m a little apprehensive to do the more invasive types. The videos that they have really are award winning. Check out their site on how to avail of them.

Massages and Me Time

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