Tuesday Toot: Weight Issues No More

It was early last week when I found out that I was hitting 106lbs.  I weighed the heaviest when I was in college (at 107lbs.)  Of course minus that time that I was prego, wherein I hit 126lbs. on the scale. I understand that this might not sound heavy for a lot, but believe me a 5ft. gal like me feels really heavy at 103lbs. The best weight that I can be in is between 98 to 102lbs. I tip a pound over and I feel downright heavy.

So you can just imagine, when I tipped my Wii balance board and saw this?

My personal trainer’s nagging tone is not really new to me anymore.  But realizing the fact that it has been too long when the gadget is right in front of me really says a lot about my not being disciplined enough.  Okay, before this post sounds like an opposite to what a Toot should be like,  wait until you see this…

Not bad eh. And the good news is in a week’s time I lost all the unwanted pounds that I had. I’m now doing 100.2 lbs. My diet wasn’t anything unusual at all. Just more of bananas and salad.  I actually indulged in cakes and gelatos once or twice.  All the while I thought I altogether lost my body’s ability to lose extra poundage easily because of age.  Apparently,  I still have it.  And boy am I thankful!  Now I don’t need to change wardrobes after all. 😀

Tuesday Toot: Weight Issues No More

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