No Summer Getaway

Our family is going to tread another milestone and boy are we excited!  We are happy that our son will have the best education and have it right from home.  For those who have just recently stumbled upon this site, we will have him go through School of Tomorrow’s curriculum.  We have heard a few detractors about this kind of set up but we will figure something out and have him meet fellow homeschoolers during weekends.

There are a lot of things to do and there is no way to do this by cramming.  I have got to get myself oriented, for one. Although the hubby has attended the administrator’s training a few years back  (which is practically a license for him to set up his own school), we still have got to know the dynamics of homeschooling.  This can be the most exciting time yet for our little guy.

The hubby and I got down to business today and reality struck us. Homeschooling is not going to come cheap after all. So instead of booking a flight to our choice of summer spot and get our travel insurance quotes, we are set to get busy shuffling the house around, get a spot that will serve as our homeschool base.   We’ll sure to give an update or two in the coming days.

No Summer Getaway
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