Detour: The Island Cove Adventure

As much as I enjoy watching Amazing Race, there was really nothing in this lifetime that could have me join anything close to that kind of game. I have a confession to make: I’m a weakling, physically, that is. I have always been exempted from any strenuous and/or physical activities right from when I was in grade school. It’s either I faint easily or I get migraine bouts from too much sun. When the rest of my batch would stay under the sun for their CAT drills, I’m right there on the bleachers, killing time,  as a medic.


So you can just imagine my uncertainty and second thoughts when I found out that the Detour: The Island Cove Adventure is actually going to be similar to Amazing Race. The hubby would see right through me as I read the description emailed to us by the cool Yehey! people.  My cousin would laugh her head off with the very thought that I would even think of joining such activity.  She actually thought I was kidding.  Jeff knew right then that I was on the verge of quitting. Jeff was all set and thrilled, being the soccer athlete (of Marikina United) that he is, I was sure he can more than just pull it off. Knowing his speed – at 33, he is still able to go around and jog the Olympic size oval of Marikina Sports Park, eight times without stopping he really has the strength to endure, not to mention the wit and leadership ability.  I was almost sure that whoever is going to team up with him will land first place.

shortly after all six team leaders were called

Just when I thought my fears were all unfounded. In my heart, I really hoped that it was going to be no more than just a tour with little surprises here and there. I decided to give it a shot — I was with my ever reliable man anyway, nothing could go wrong. Imagine my disbelief when I was called to be one of the six group leaders! I cannot even bring myself to imagine how I’d be able to endure the race, let alone lead a team! I could have concluded right there that the odds are certainly against me. As my fellow team leaders and I picked one name after another to join our respective teams, I was praying so hard for the heavens to redeem me by having the hubby in my team. It was probably the fourth name that I picked when I saw my hubs name in my hands. Never was there a time J-E-F-F-R-E-Y spelled so sweetly! Seriously. It was in all caps and I knew God’s favor was still in me. I was okay.

It proved that more than my being settled, things are going to be fine. The GREEN TEAM was composed of wonderful people like Fitz, Audrey and Bryan. If it were not for their willingness and cooperation to do the tasks, we still wouldn’t have made it as a team. The Green Team finished the race in 50 minutes. The only team that made it under an hour. We later found out that we incurred a penalty, like every other team had. So we were down to 52 seconds, which still wasn’t bad.  The best part of the whole race was the fun that we had as a team. As slow as the two girls were always tailing behind (Audrey and me) throughout the race, we still made sure we all had fun along the way. It was altogether FUN!

In my heart of hearts, I really saw divine intervention right from the start. When I was called and I was so unsure of myself, there was just one thing that could keep me on track – FAITH. You ask why? Aside from the hubs being placed in my team to boost my morale a tad, we were practically the slowest when the race began. I was the last one who got the very first card carrying the clue what we were suppose to look for and the last group to have gotten hold of the bag, as well.

Here’s the thing, the bag was practically handed to us by one of the other groups (raise your hand please, so we could properly thank you– I was too disturbed to have taken note who that was) who happened to find two bags. If that was not an instant provision, I don’t know what that is. That same scenario also happened when half of the mask that our team was assigned to look for was handed to us by Joriben. Thanks Jori! Those two instances cannot be just shrugged off to nothing. I have always believed that God uses people to be channels of provisions to those who he wants to bless. That is just the way I see it and I cannot go about all this story without testifying about God’s faithfulness, even in what could have been thought as such a trivial pursuit.

That being said, the message was sent straight across my being — it is actually faith that can move mountains, not mere physical strength. So regardless of how wimp we can be physically, if we would allow ourselves to be a willing vessels, things can happen.

I am happy to report that the Green Team, which was led by yours truly won the Detour: The Island Cove Adventure. Yes, against all odds. And the first odd right there was the leader herself. So I really can’t take any credit for winning. If anything, I must have delayed my team almost fifteen minutes for running too slow. Each member of the team won 1,000 worth of GC (Island Cove), 500worth of GC (TGiF), an Island Spa GC and a Complimentary Day Island Cove Tour Pass (good for three). And because the hubs and I were both in the same team, that makes our winnings times two. What could be sweeter, really?

My team mates were true to their winning factors. Audrey’s ability to face challenges and her being calm in any situation. Bryan’s and Fitz’s ever willingness to go the extra mile. Jeffs wits and speed. I claimed my being reliable, responsible and teachable as my winning factors. And boy, did that race taught me something!


The Green Team‘s jump shot by

The body aches that lasted more than a couple of days were all worth it. I almost swore, I tore a tendon somewhere but I am good now. Our heartfelt thanks to Yehey! and The Island Cove for coming up with such fun time for us bloggers. No other venue would have been more appropriate for such race. I have been to a handful of resorts, but this place is a real hit – more than just because it housed that fun adventure. A grand time is the least you could expect from this 36 hectares, ISO 9001:2000, DOT accredited hotel and leisure park.

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Detour: The Island Cove Adventure
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