March is Fire Prevention Month

Last night was the first time in many weeks that the hubby and I turned on the television and primetime news was on. Apparently, March is Fire Prevention Month. While we were busy in our respective workstations, I cannot help but feel bad for the mother who lost all her four children to fire. Horrible, to say the least. I just had to pause and whisper a prayer her way.

It just bothers me somehow that as much as March was coined to be the fire prevention month, how come that fire accidents is in its all time high. And we are not even done with half of the month yet! Apparently, there are a handful of commercial establishments that went down to fire as well in the previous days. Aside from EXIT SIGNS as a non-negotiable for building owners, other measures should always be taken. It is too awful to think how people get trapped in a building’s skyscraper with no clue what to do, waiting for those huge flames to eat them all up.

We are not really a big fan of the evening news, whether from the boob tube or the radio. I happen to think that what they have on are mostly too sensational for reality. But the very few times we listen or watch the news, the truth about all this fire incidents has stuck. I even found myself spotting the exit sign when the hubby and I watched a chick flick in the movie house last week.

If looking for exit signs has become like an instinct, it can’t be bad, right? Be safe everyone, especially March being the Fire prevention month. The heat is starting to seep through the skin and heat stroke being just around the corner. Let’s all enjoy the summer, sans accidents. Written in association with fire safety training suppliers.

March is Fire Prevention Month

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