Mommy Moments: Bath Time


Jed was two months old when this photo was taken.  I used to give him a bath in his trusty blue green baby bath tub until he was almost a year old – atop the kitchen counter, beside the sink. 


This one was taken just before I was to give him a bath when he was three months old. This time, from my folks place.  That is my father’s hand supporting my cutie pie and that is my folk’s kitchen sink on the background.



Play and bath time in a real tub since he turned two

With the heat of summer pressing on, it really looks like we are going to have to soak in the tub more frequently now. I hope summer won’t be as bad as last year’s.  It is good that I got back to using my seaweed slimming VCO, which keeps my skin cool for longer periods after bath.  It is actually hitting two birds with one stone.  My quick fix.  If I don’t get back to working out, I would seriously need to look for some weight loss pills that work.  Meanwhile, as I checked the ingredients, they are all natural, maybe I could have my son use it sparingly so he will be fresh for longer periods after baths too.

Having said all that, I am looking forward to giving my son a bath, thrice a day and getting his huge inflatable pool set up in the garage very soon.   Why not enjoy summer, while we are at it, right?

Mommy Moments: Bath Time
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