Just a Quick Update

We just got home from the Detour, Island Cove Adventure!  Guess what?! Our team won!  You could only imagine my dismay when my name was called when all six team leaders were called up front early yesterday morning, in the dining hall of Sangley Point in the island.  I swear I would have drove home fast, if only I brought a car with me.  We did not. We rode alongside fellow bloggers in vans provided by the island resort.  A post coming up about the event.

We’re pretty tired, true.  But when we got to Manila early, I knew we could still swing around the mall and do a couple of errands and maybe window shop randomly, like for some wholesale ipods.  Apparently, sale is still ongoing in this time of the year.  But guess what I ended up doing?  I pampered myself for the first time, with this recommended specialist salon by my friend, Frances and got myself pretty lashes extensions.  It’s so lightweight it almost feels like I was born with it. 😉  I have got to do a review in my Kikay Corner page.  Watch out for it, real soon!

Just a Quick Update

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