Detour: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

March 4, 2009

As fun as I know it is going to be, I am so threatened by the fact that I am no way qualified to join the race. This Detour, bloggers’ adventure that is going to be held at Island Cove in Cavite tomorrow, obviously is a physical game and I am no way fit to join the pack.  I don’t know what happened. But for some reason, at least three pounds have been added to my weight, when I checked today at the hospital where my sister is confined. This explains my clothes failing to fit me like they used to.

But then again, I have already RSVP’d, have arranged my folks to take care of the little guy and have my once a week cleaning lady to come and do some general cleaning for me.  All is set, except for me.  My heart is still there, I think despite the knowledge that I might just risk my team’s chances of winning, I do wanna have fun and meet my online buddies.  Besides, I will be going back to no more dirty rugs, but a spic and span home. I’ll have my trusty cleaning lady do her job without my supervision this time.


Detour: Should I Stay or Should I Go?
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