SM Marikina WiFi Stress Testing Bloggers Event

SM Marikina invited 200 bloggers to test their mallwide WiFi coverage last February 28, 2009. The first thing I noticed was they changed the name of their connection to SM Marikina Free Wifi from its former Happy something name. As a frequent visitor of SM Marikina, I have always enjoyed the free wifi coverage across the stretch of the mall, except for those times I had to go to the innermost parts of the department store. The second thing that I noticed was at around 2 PM, the connection was ultra fast.

I browsed through websites and chatted via YM from my E63 simultaneously, without fuss. We literally went around the mall and shopped while browsing the net – talk about multi-tasking! 😉 At around 4:30 PM, the speed went intermittent and I lost connection altogether.  I heard that the connection was possibly reset.

Congratulations to Sha for winning the Asus netbook and to Azrael for a successful event! The best thing about this event is meeting fellow bloggers face to face. Although we were not able to introduce ourselves to half of those who attended, it was still fun!

Enjoy SM Marikina’s mallwide free wifi coverage! The two malls closest to SM are Robinson’s Metro East and Sta. Lucia. Both of which have no very strong coverage. Very intermittent, to put it lightly. SM Marikina’s is stronger, hands down – even prior to this testing event. Kudos, SM Marikina! Looking forward to the sequel of this event as what was announced last Saturday.

SM Marikina WiFi Stress Testing Bloggers Event

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