24 Season 7, Episodes 11 and 12

The hubby and I have just finished watching the latest episode of 24’s Season 7. It is our weekly fix. As expected, the plot just got thicker as it reaches its last few episodes. Next week will be the last two episodes for this season and both will be shown on the same day. What fun!

In episode 10, Dubaku’s team’s cover was exposed by the ever so genius Chloe O’Brian. Boy, do I just love her! Her being all straight forward and weird sure make her a darling. We saw her bloom from the previous seasons. The moles inside the inside the FBI were revealed despite their attempt to reformat the main drive because of her.

Towards the end of that episode, Tony Almeida revealed to Jack Bauer that it isn’t over yet and another attack is upcoming. Apparently, the very Senator who has him under trial is one of the conspirators inside the government. We see from this trailer that the White House itself will be the target. How they will all come out of it, we will find out in a week’s time. We should also find out how the first Gentleman would do after the surgery. It’s a two hour special. Jumba will threaten to kill President Taylor. Critical consequences will come of Jack Bauer’s uncovering of the masks of the conspirators. This next high impact terror will sure to glue you to your seats for two straight hours. I can’t wait! 🙂

24 Season 7, Episodes 11 and 12

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