Mommy Moments – Feeding Time

mommy moments

This is my second mommy moments post. It surely made me go back memory lane and felt thankful that I was able to capture all those moments. These photos were taken either from the traditional film camera or my then Sony Ericsson S700i.

This shot was taken the day after I gave birth to our son via lamaze/bradley method, almost four years ago.  The labor lasted for almost two days and gave birth with almost zero anaesthesia. I had to be drugged a little during the closing up of the episiotomy.


The hubby and our son.  This was taken in Pancake House at the Fort after one Sunday morning service.  The hubby happily attends to our son as it was my turn to eat my lunch without having to mind the little guy.  The baby came after three years of being married.  Adjustments were sweet instinct.  The inconveniences almost became immaterial.  This little guy slept through the night from the second month. Thanks to Babywise.



His first semi-solid was Cerelac.  I did not know better then.  After a couple of months, I bought a grinder and started cooking organic brown rice alongside mashed fleshy veggies and fruits.  He still eats brown rice to this day.  The first attempts to semi-solids were funny.  His instict was to suck the little teaspoon and kept making a mess all over his mouth.  He soon got the hang of it.


Mommy Moments – Feeding Time

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