“Mama, when I grow up, I am going to race for you”

Was it only a couple of months back that we were actually rejoicing over the big slump of gas prices? It is bad enough that the prices of commodities did not follow through. Now it is slowly retracing to where it was. Hard times- it’s inevitable and has definitely gone global. We just choose to thank the Lord whatever our circumstances are. He is the ultimate source of provision. Truth be told, whatever profession we all are in, He could easily just take it away if He wants to. We are totally at His disposal and it comforts my heart big time that He will never have us want.

I’m relieved that the hubs has stopped talking about getting a motorbike, even in passing. He used to be so convinced it’s going to save us on gas.  The thought of him riding the two wheels really scares me. Especially so that we don’t have anything like motorcycle accident lawyers Los Angeles, in the third world. If you’ve seen him drive a car, you’ll understand why. The gentle man that he is, overly compensates in the way he drives. Even when our son was still two years old, I remember Jed being so thrilled as he says goodbye to all those cars that his father leaves behind.

Imagine the shock of my life when our 4 year old Jed told me yesterday, Mama when I grow up I am going to race for you. Oh no! I actually had to ask him to say it again.  His father was not around then to give me the look. Oh my son! I told him that he doesn’t have to do it for me and he quickly quipped, I have to, with total certainty and confidence. What can I say, I’m totally at a loss for words. I know that sooner or later he is going to do things that I do not necessarily approve of. I just pray that the Lord would provide me the wisdom to teach and strength to let go, when I should,  in each and every phase of his growing up years. Meanwhile, I am going to enjoy loving my baby and nurture him in this family that the Lord has provided him.

“Mama, when I grow up, I am going to race for you”

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