Cultivate the Skill of Exhorting Others

Are you an exhorter at home? A lot of times, we tend to act our best when we are with other people outside our own homes and tend to act unkind towards our spouse or children. Because of this we need to cultivate a relational skill called exhortation to be effective parents to our children or partners to our spouse.

Exhorters are people who spur others on to higher levels of achievement. When we become these, we help turn the members of our families into better people.

The apostle Paul demonstrated this skill in his exhortation for Timothy. To be effective influencers in our homes, we need to learn a variety of communication techniques to exhort those around us to strive for higher levels of personal achievement.

Is there someone in your family who might be spurred on to great things as a result of your exhortation?

Cultivate the Skill of Exhorting Others

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