WS: My Valentinos


This shot was taken on Valentine’s Eve via my camphone (I forgot our digicam). We knew that the next couple of days were going to be extremely busy -ministry wise.  So we made sure we spent time together and swung around Serendra (the closest commercial place to our local church) and grabbed some good food from Conti’s Pastry Shop and Restaurant.  Spent the eve with my handsome boys.  


No exclusive V Day date celeb yet for the hubby and me. Got a little too tired over the weekend.  But one thing for sure, I am going to get a hold of his undivided attention one whole day of this week.  We are just so happy how the events in church turned out.  I am proud of my girls and the leaders, in general,  who cooked up the Lovestruck Concert/Valentine Banquet.  What a night that was! They sang a handful of Superchic<k> music (a personal favorite) and the program was a blast.  Best of all, six came to know Jesus as their personal Savior. 


WS: My Valentinos

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