A Movie Date for Married Couples

More than the thought of our exclusive celebration of Valentine’s Day, the hubby and I are both excited to cook up something for the married couples in our local church where he pastors. After having seen Fireproof a couple of nights back, we knew that this year’s Heart’s Day for the married couples in our church is going to be extra special- a movie date! 🙂  We’re thinking of jazzing up the auditorium with valentine’s flowers and some romantic soft lights around the room.

We look forward to have the moral of the story get across and impact their hearts commit to give the best to their respective marriages while they continue working on it on a daily basis. This is the first time we’re doing a couples movie date in the church. We’ve always had Valentine’s Banquets the previous years and this is something new and exciting, not to mention really special.

Meanwhile, whatever the hubby and I decide to do to celebrate Valentine’s, I’m sure we are going to enjoy. This is our eleventh Valentine’s Day together. One year short of a dozen sounds long already but I still feel that the love we have is brand new.  No credit to ourselves but to the Lord who showers us with grace despite our weaknesses.

Watch out for the post on our Valentine celebration with the couples in our church family next week.  😀

A Movie Date for Married Couples
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