My First Mommy Moments Post: Baby’s First Smile

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This entry is almost a week late, but given that this is my first post for Mommy Moments, I hope I get away with it.  Feb 6 Mommy Moments is all about the first smile of your kid/s.  I still have a day before the next to its sequel.

This was taken on July 6, 2005.  My son’s first conscious smile. We all know that babies smile for a handful of different reasons.  All those baby books explain that it is but natural for babies to smile in their sleep, even hours after the baby’s birth and so on and so forth. Possibly one of the most precious milestones of a baby’s growth is when s/he begins to respond to you through smiling and even cooing.


The national average that a baby reaches this milestone is 2 months.  My son was around 1.5 months old when he first smiled back at us and then another milestone came after another. Life just gets sweeter everyday. 😀

My First Mommy Moments Post: Baby’s First Smile

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